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We are providing the most effective real online earning training at Dhaka in Bangladesh. Our Courses are 100% work Guaranteed.


  • Web Solutions Center is the one stop IT solutions Center where you'll get quality Web Design and Development Services at a fair price.


Web solutions Center team has great SEO team to bring your site in google search engine first position and also to increase page rank.


We are providing global IT soutions on differrent IT field like Web design and Developemnt, Search Engine Optimization, Online Store Set up etc.

Real Online Earning Training and Outsourcing Training Course to Know How to make money Online from Bangladesh!

Web Solutions Center is the leading Online Earning Training Center in Dhaka Bangladesh. We have taught about 300 students last year and about 170 students are earning 10,000 to 40,000 taka per month. Our training outline is specially designed by 5 top freelancers who are doing freelancing and earning thousands of Dollars per months over the last 4 years. "Our courses are 100% work guaranteed" we can say it from our confidence which came from vast experiences. Web solutions Center is the sign of quality training and honest service..

What We Do for You:

  • 1. You don't need to invest any single money to earn online. You have to invest your hard work and honesty only..
  • 2. We will teach you all things from very basic level..
  • 3. Our courses are designed for who have nothing or a little knowledge on computer or internet.
  • 4. We will teach you how to earn online by practical project.
  • 5. Will show you what actual outsourcing is.
  • 6. Will show you what type of work is more demandable now days.
  • 7. You can see what type of job doing our Teachers/Instructors on their own profile..
  • 8. They will teach you all those work step by step
  • 9. We will provide you relevant tutorials made by us.
  • 10. If you are weak in English, we will teach you communicative English to communicate with buyers.
  • 11. We'll mange International Master Card for you at your own Name and address. (We don't take extra fee for it)..
  • 12. We say our course is work guaranteed, so we will collect some work firstly for you to introduce with different buyers and marketplace.
  • 13. After all we can assure you that how much money you'll spend on our course, you can earn more than that money within the training time!!

What we don't do :

  • 1. We don't lessen our Course Fee.
  • 2. It's not a PTC or MLM company, So if you want to earn money by investing money or clicking on some links, Web solutions center is not for you.
  • 3. We are not proving any training about forex or other black methods.

Courses on Outsourcing from Bangladesh

  • 1. Online Earning and Outsourcing

  • 2. Affiliate Marketing and Google AdSense

  • 3. Advance SEO Course

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Have Questions? Call us Directly at (88) 01724309428

Notice Board

  • “Web Solutions Center is going to start all training by Online Video Conference. You an learn how to earn online from your home now !!!”
    Palash M
    CEO(30 Aug 13)
  • “2 students earned about 30,000 tk within the course time. We are so happy on their success. They are Mr Rafiq and Mr Imran ”
    Anannya Haque, Director
  • “Learn seriiously to earn continiously online, its betetr than any other jobs in Bangladesh”
    Palash M